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I know this community is deader than dead, but I found it and thought I'd say hello and post a few pictures of my baby. My mom calls it the bumblebee, my boyfriend calls it the wee beastie, and I call it "MY AWESOME TRUCK!!!" Haha, it's my first vehicle. I'm 23, I bought the X in December of '04. I bought her from a dealership who actually gave me a good deal. I couldn't have asked for a better truck. My boyfriend likes it so much he's selling his Pathfinder to buy an '06 Xterra. It's a whole ton of fun being a girl in this truck... I get a lot of funny looks! I work in a lumber mill, so this helps me get down the terrible bush road to work. It's also fun in the mud. My plans are a 3" suspension lift, some 33" BFG MudTerrain tires, and a rear spare tire carrier... Also some more offroad lights on the roof and winch, hehe. Anyway, here are some pictures of me and my truck!

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The Bumblebee is awesome! It looks good on ya :)
Thank you, I love it too!
Ahh, I'm so jealous, that's like my dream vehicle, right there!

I just got a new job that enabled me to buy a new car to replace my old (totaled) one, and I was THISCLOSE to getting an '05 X, but they were just a hair out of my price range. I got an Element instead, cos I could afford it.

Needless to say, being in this community at the moment is torture, but seeing a much-loved X can always lift my spirits.
That's my baby!

I drooled when I saw the '05 X's.... the offroad one is pure, pure awesomeness.

The salesman was like, "You know Jen, you can trade this in for a new one!"

But I think mine's got character, and it would take me mucho $$ to get it the way I'd want it!! =D