Brando Greenman (midoriotoko) wrote in xterras,
Brando Greenman

Shiny and New

My dad turned me on to the benefits of liquid silicone lubricant. I used it on the rubber & plastic parts of my Xterra and wow does it shine. Better than it did when it came off the lot. I got a brand with Teflon in it. Spray it on and wipe the excess off. It creates kind of a waterproof barrier. So if something gets on it - a shot with the hose will take it right off. Be careful when you buy not to get one with cleaning agents - here's a snippet of info (and by the by - it's better than armour all & does better - it also makes it easier to clean bugs off & brake dust!)

Liquid Silicone Dressings – These penetrating-type silicones form a flexible protective shield on rubber. Liquid silicone seals small openings with a film to prevent penetration of moisture and dirt. Most silicone dressings leave a never-dry gloss film. There are many myths regarding silicone, specifically the negative long-term effects of silicone on rubber and vinyl. The fact is, silicone is an inert material. The benefit of silicone is its ability to easily penetrate the tire’s surface and not evaporate. Some silicone-based dressings contain petroleum distillates as a cleaning agent. Petroleum distillates are harmful to rubber and vinyl, and will cause rubber and vinyl to crack. If you decide to use a silicone tire dressing, make sure it does not contain a cleaner. The only true negative property of silicone is the difficulty of adding UV protection.

More here - or just google it!

Keep that Xterra nice and shiny - at least when it's not getting dirty!
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